Installation Pros In The News

(From the December Edition of the Greater Los Angeles ARMA Newsletter)

In 1995, the three managers of what was then a local dealer's service department purchased that department from the parent company and created Installation Pros, Inc. These three owners of the new endeavor, Mike Incantalupo, Ray Jimenez and Frank Reyes, brought over 21 years combined experience in filing equipment installation and service to their new company. Using factory-trained and certified technicians, Installation Pros has built it's business on the tradition of excellent customer service.

Unique in the field, Installation Pros works with a state contractor license (# 733760) to install, modify or move equipment. Installation Pros works with many different lines of filing and storge equipment, high density, moveable aisle systems, rotary files, bi-files, shelving, racking and modular office furniture. Installation Pros also specializes in the installing and maintaining of vertical filing systems, with certification for working on White Power Files., Remstar and Kardex (Lektreiver.). An example of their uniqueness was the distinct honor of having been selected as the sole installer for all the various records equipment that went into the new Unocal 76 site located in Costa Mesa.

The hallmark of Installation Pros lies in the quality of their emergency service and maintenance services. Users of existing systems benefit tremendously from having periodic maintenance calls and service contracts with Installation Pros. Promising a two-hour response time in most cases of equipment damage or failure, Installation Pros' service contract has been the lifesaver of many records managers and file rooms in times of need.

When the Northridge earthquake caused extensive damage to many buildings in the Los Angeles area. Records centers and file rooms were no exception. The site of thousands of files dislodged from their shelves, or worse, the dilemma of files inaccessible due to damage to mobile systems, greeted many RM's and file clerks that disastrous morning.

IP was able to respond to many of these crises in record time, saving hospitals, banks, and law offices from disastrous financial loss due to down time. The education garnered by IP's employee-owners has since served their customers well, both in installation of new systems and in the seismic upgrading of existing systems.

"We do our best to show our customers how much a safe, sound filing system can profit their bottom line," says Mike Incantalupo, President. "An annual service contract on a system can mean the difference between uninterrupted access to critical records and complete failure of a records department." Since the earthquake, the factory-trained specialists of Installation Pros have made recommendations and modifications to many systems improving their integrity -- and the quality of records management -- at dozens of sites around the Los Angeles area.

How much is a safe, sound, and properly operational filing system worth to you? Installation Pros offers a free, no obligation safety inspection. Our factory trained technician will inspect your filing system and make real recommendations for maintenance or safety improvements -- at no cost or obligation to your company.

Exemplary customer service, factory certified technicians, and immediate responsiveness to customer needs is what you will find when you call Installation Pros at 1-800-400-8855. As Mike Incantalupo says, "At Installation Pros, your satisfaction is the measure of our success."

Power File. is a registered trademark of White Corp. Lektreiver. is a trademark of Kardex.